Transmission Fluid Flush in Chesapeake, VA

Transmission Fluid Flush in Chesapeake, VA
Photo Courtesy Matti Blume Via Wikipedia Commons by Permission of the GNU Free Documentation License

Transmission fluid affects the overall health of your transmission.  Its purpose is to clean and lubricate the metal moving parts and reduce the operating temperature.  When debris like rust and metal shavings are found in the fluid, the transmission system is working under stress and doesn’t function optimally.  Overtime, this can lead to expensive transmission issues.

If you aren’t sure about the condition of your transmission fluid, one of Great Bridge Auto Service’s technicians will be glad to inspect it for you.

Common Questions

Do all vehicles require transmission flushes?

It all depends.  There are two types of transmissions – manual and automatic.

Manual transmissions-  Typically it is suggested every 30,000 – 60,000 miles

Automatic transmissions – Typically it is suggested every 100,000 – 150,000 miles, but some manuals on newer models  state “never”

What types of driving habits affect my transmission?

  1. Stop and go driving
  2. Short trips that don’t allow engines to reach optimal temperature
  3. Prolonged idling
  4. Quick braking
  5. Sludgy oil

What are signs of transmission problems?

  1. Difficult to shift gears (even with an automatic)
  2. Transmission grinds/ makes clunking noises
  3. Car surges
  4. Car delays in moving
  5. Gears slip
  6. Vehicle is noisy in neutral
  7. Transmission fluid is low