Flushes in Chesapeake, VA

Car engine fluid flushes in Chesapeake, VA at Great Bridge Auto Service
Picture Courtesy InSapphoWeTrust Via Flickr

Let’s be honest.  Snooping under your hood to check your car engine fluids probably hasn’t made your recent Saturday chore list.  Don’t worry, you’re in good company.  Many people can find their oil dipstick and wiper fluid reservoir, but when it comes to brake , power steering, coolant and transmission fluids, some are left scratching their heads.

Many makes and models require flushes to keep these systems functioning efficiently. That’s because rust and scale deposits accumulate over time.  The technicians at Great Bridge Auto Service can let you know if your vehicle would benefit from a fluid flush service and when it should be performed.


Types of Flushes

  • Antifreeze/Coolant Flush: Coolant helps protect vulnerable aluminum parts and provides a crucial barrier that protects your engine from freezing or overheating. It can be green, yellow, red, blue and pink.  Easy to see why it can be confused with transmission fluid.  Your coolant’s color can signal if it needs changing.  (Read more…)


  • Brake Flush:  Brake fluid is a hydraulic liquid that allows the force you exert on the brake pedal to be transferred to the braking systm so your vehicle can stop. It is typically clear with a slight yellow tint.  When the fluid turns brown or looks like engine oil, a flush is needed.  (Read more…)
  • Power Steering Flush: Power steering fluid is another hydraulic fluid that transfers power in the steering wheel to the steering mechanism allowing for effortless steering. It can be clear, red or pink.  Discolored fluid is a sign that the system’s overall health may be in jeopardy and a flush is needed.  (Read more…)


  • Transmission Flush:  Transmission fluid cleans and lubricates your transmission’s moving parts and reduces operating temperatures. It is usually red or green in color.  Brown or black fluids are one indicator that a flush is needed.  (Read more…)