Computer Diagnostics in Chesapeake, VA

Diagnosis of Car Problems with Computer Diagnostics at Great Bridge Auto Service
Photo Courtesy Florian Schaffer Via Wikipedia Commons

Cars today are technological marvels.  Consider this.  The average vehicle has 30 microprocessors with 10 million lines of computer code.  Luxury cars are even more complex with up to 100 microprocessors and 100 million lines of computer code.  All of this creates a digital web that controls your A/C, radio, air bags, cruise control, entertainment and navigation systems, emissions, brakes and many other engine functions. This connectivity allows the manufacturers to create a number of “bells and whistles”, but it also makes the diagnosis of a car problem much more difficult.

Thankfully, the onboard computers use sensors that let you know immediately if something is going awry.  Low tire pressure, low fluids, temperature issues and other engine performance problems are brightly displayed on our dashes as warnings that we should heed.  This is your vehicle’s way of shouting, “Hey, pay attention!  Get this taken care of before real problems start!” This is a wonderful feature.  It, however, does not give a diagnosis of the car’s underlying problem.

When you bring your vehicle to Great Bridge Auto Service, we will use a computer diagnostic tool called a scanner to link to your vehicle’s computer. The onboard computer then sends out fault codes showing engine parameters that are out of range.  The scanner, however, doesn’t show exactly what is causing the issue.  This is where the diagnostics come in.

Think of a computer diagnosis as a trip to the doctor.  You share your symptoms of runny nose, coughing, aching joints, fever (fault codes), and the doctor traces these symptoms to come up with the root cause to diagnose and treat you.

Like the doctor, our technicians rely on their experience and expertise to follow the fault code trail and determine the cause.  Sometimes the trail is straightforward and others it is winding and requires multiple tools and a solid knowledge base to trace it out.

When you come to Great Bridge Auto Service, you can rest assured that you have knowledgeable, up-to-date technicians who have access to the most current technology to accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle.