Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance at Great Bridge Auto ServiceRoadside Assistance is another courtesy benefit extended to our customers just for using Great Bridge Auto Service as their repair shop of choice.  This free service provides another layer of travel protection that puts help literally just fingertips and phone away.

General Roadside Assistance Questions

How do I qualify for Roadside Assistance:

This is a FREE complimentary benefit.  Customers qualify by simply getting $25.00 worth of services with Great Bridge Auto Service.   It is important to note that only the vehicle serviced is covered.  If you own multiple vehicles, only the vehicle noted on the invoice qualifies.  (We recommend that customers place a copy of their latest invoice in the vehicle’s glove box or feel free to contact us for a copy.)

What are the covered services provided:

  1. Towing
  2. Lock-out assistance in event keys are locked inside qualifying vehicle
  3. Flat tire assistance
  4. Fuel, oil, fluid and water delivery assistance (Fluid costs must be paid by customer.)
  5. Battery jump-start

How long is Roadside Assistance coverage available:

  • Good for 365 days from date on qualifying vehicle’s invoice

Who do I call to get Roadside Assistance:

Call the Roadside Assistance Dispatcher at 1-866-588-0728 for licensed provider listings.   Using the telephone service requires use of a credit card for dispatch.

  • The driver must be with the covered vehicle when the service provider arrives or the service provider may charge an extra fee which will not be covered during reimbursement.

Do I need to pay when using Roadside Assistance:

Yes, this is a consumer reimbursement program.  After using the service, simply submit a claim for reimbursement.  Obtain the claim form by clicking here.

How do I get reimbursed:

  1. Fill out the reimbursement form (click here for form)
  2. Include a copy of an invoice from Great Bridge Auto Service showing your $25.00 in services
  3. Provide copy of service provider’s invoice
  4. Fax information to 1-866-924-3668

or Email to:

or Mailed to :   TECHNET Customer Care, PO Box 17659, Golden, CO 80402

  • Claims generally take 10 – 14 days to receive reimbursement.

What are the maximum benefits for services:

  • Maximum benefit up to $75.00 per occurrence
  • Maximum of 2 occurrences within 365 day period

Are there any exclusions in the Roadside Assistance Program:

There are some exclusions.  Please click here to get the full copy of exclusions and additional program information and click here for a shortened FAQ sheet.